Monday, April 25, 2005

The big issues, in order of importance 

According to today's issue of The Note:
Washington's political foci, in alphabetical order:

1. Bolton nomination
2. Budget negotiations
3. DeLay fate
4. Economy, oil, and Saudi Arabia
5. Filibuster face-off
6. Iraq war completion
7. Social Security

The White House's political foci, in the order it cares about them (from most to least):

1. Iraq war completion
2. Economy, oil, and Saudi Arabia
3. Social Security
4. Budget negotiations
5. Bolton nomination
6. Filibuster face-off
7. DeLay's fate

The left-leaning and conflict obsessed MSM's political foci, in the order it cares about them (from most to least):

1. Filibuster face-off (Bill Frist is an extremist puppet of the Right!!!)
2. Economy, oil, and Saudi Arabia (release the SPR!!!)
3. DeLay fate (bring him down!!!)
4. Bolton nomination (withdraw it!!! or Hagel and other GOP defections will cause it to go down on votes!!!)
5. Social Security (let it suffer a fate worse than HillaryCare!!!)
6. Iraq war (is that thing still going on??!!!)
7. North Korea (David Sanger only.)
8. Areas of disagreement between Brad Freeman and Roland Betts regarding the White House gardener (Elisabeth Bumiller only.)
9. Budget negotiations


Other noteworthy bits from today's Note:
Ron Brownstein of the Los Angeles Times entertains the Notion that the giant-killing, leveling effect of the Internet, with its now-tested ability to raise money and recruit volunteers, could give rise to a third-party presidential bid in 2008. But the real issue isn't the new and improved tool for recognizing a base and pumping up enthusiasm, it's the directions that the major parties are going that are creating the conditions by which a kind of grassroots movement could take place.

On Saturday, The State's Lee Bandy sized up Sen. Joe Biden, who headlined Friday's Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner in Columbia Friday night. If you didn't watch Biden work the crowd afterwards on C-SPAN, you missed an awesome show. And no one asked him about his college grades. And he was like butta.

Karl Rove stopped by Rep. Katherine Harris' office last week to talk about Social Security reform and her political future.

The Sarasota Republican has been slippery about both.

In case you only catch the paper on the Web, Wal-Mart Watch has launched a new full-page ad in USA Today, questioning what happened to the Wal-Mart "Buy American" program, saying that "70% of Wal-Mart merchandise is from China," complete with a photo depicting a main aisle of a Wal-Mart store complete with "Made in China" arrows pointing to merchandise. Later this week, the ad will show up in local papers in communities affected by job outsourcing.

According to Barron's, the pressure from labor unions is having some impact on Wal-Mart stock.

If you don't read the Note, you miss some good stuff.


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