Wednesday, January 12, 2005

UNapologetically thrashing lefty trolls 

The Diplomad takes his trolls out back and just beats them mercilessly:
We seem, in particular, to have struck a lefty nerve with our series of articles on the UN "response" to the horrendous December 26 Asian quake and tsunami. They accuse us of ignoring what the UN has done for the victims; of trying to smear the UN; of, of . . . well, you got it.

But we have one big advantage over them: you see, we've been there, we've been to those places where people die and suffer. We've seen the devastation and the bloated bodies. Our lefty critics have not. We've seen Australians and Americans saving lives and easing suffering. Our lefty critics have not. We've actually been working to save lives; the lefty critics have not.

The UNocrats know that young Aussies and Yanks have shown them up as the fakes the UNocrats are. That makes them furious; it makes them lash out at us and our friends. They call us names ("stingy"); sniff about our alleged mistakes ("you fed some people twice"); and complain that we won't take their instruction ("you should wear blue vests.") When all else fails, they try to take credit for what Australian and American taxpayers and their military and diplomatic services have done -- yes, indeed, a word of praise for the State Department, which responded superbly.

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By Blogger Gordon Smith, at Wed Jan 12, 02:38:00 PM:

Those Lefties are damn out-of-control...

I must have missed the whole 'angry at UN troops' thing (aside from the Sudan bits).

Jack! No comment on End of the WMD hunt ? No comment on the truth of the AWOL story (CBS excluded)? Nothing about Armstrong Williams? What about Gonzales and torture?

I'm not just being glib here. I'm genuinely curious.  

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