Friday, March 02, 2012

Mitt gets a huge endorsement 

Ted Nugent is now on Team Mittens.

Officially, I do not care what celebrities think about politicians. This works well for me, because most celebrities are communists, or at least like communists. Unofficially, though, it is hard not to enjoy the spectacle of a hard rocker endorsing an unreconstructed corporate tool. Ain't America great?!?


By Blogger darovas, at Fri Mar 02, 05:34:00 PM:

Could Romney be any more fake?  

By Anonymous tyree, at Fri Mar 02, 09:09:00 PM:

Ted Nugent rocks, literally.
There must be a few entertainers who are supportive of free market capitalism, but the are few and far between. The industry as a whole could do with a few hundred audits given the way they keep their books. It must be nice to work in an industry that the administration likes instead of medicine or construction (non-union) or private aircraft manufacturing.  

By Anonymous mgd, at Sat Mar 03, 09:35:00 AM:

It's rather difficult for me to picture Uncle Ted endorsing the guy who signed both MA's permanent "assault rifle" ban and the second-most restrictive handgun law in the country. That must have been some conversation.  

By Anonymous Old Fan, at Sun Mar 11, 01:56:00 PM:

Mitt Romney is rockin - Kid, Owens, Nugent, Simmons, etc.

Seems many see the light, even if a few are stuck on cheap fashionable image games. A Private Sector success from Outside the Beltway is attractive to many, and is on path to the Nomination.

So many tossed away their credibility these days. Even the comments above still reveal a rather distorted vision.

But Nugent clearly gets it. Beck is now encouraging the Romney Candidacy, saying it is time for Rick and Newt to go. Obama is the priority. It is no wonder why the Democrats fear the Romney nomination.  

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