Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another "Occupy" death 

There has been another death at an Occupy camp, this time in Texas.

The Star-Telegram is reporting a death at the Occupy Denton campsite on the University of North Texas campus. The body of 23 year old Darwin Cox was discovered Saturday night, and the campsite has since been dismantled.

Though there is no ruling on the cause of death yet, it's being speculated that Cox's drug addiction might have played a part.

Two questions burst forth, unbidden, both of which probably reflect poorly on my character.

  • The left leads the way in arguing that business executives should be held criminally liable for failures of internal controls in their organizations that lead to injury and death. Where are the calls for similar liability to attach to the "Occupy" organizers? Vicarious liability for me, but not for thee?

  • Am I alone in thinking that it temps Fate to name one's child "Darwin"?

  • Dang. I'm going to hell for that.


    By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Sun Dec 11, 08:28:00 AM:

    They care deeply about the People, not individual people. It will strike some, perhaps even many, OWS people as sad, worthy of a moment of reflection. But it won't be reflecting on what happened, what it means, or how circumstances might have been different. It will be reflecting on how sad they feel.

    Then that will be that, and back to the cause. To be fair, conservatives usually do little better, and the libertarians I know personally do not even do that well. Consider: not only business liability, but how the news would treat this if it had been a gathering of another sort - a church group, or an extended annual festival of some group.  

    By Anonymous E Hines, at Sun Dec 11, 10:11:00 AM:

    Where are the calls for similar liability to attach to the "Occupy" organizers?

    The OWS gangs are deliberately leaderless, by design. Might this sort of eventuality have been involved in taking the decision to be leaderless?

    Eric Hines  

    By Blogger TheCrankyProfessor, at Sun Dec 11, 09:39:00 PM:

    Nah - just purgatory.  

    By Blogger bobby, at Sun Dec 18, 04:51:00 PM:

    "Where are the calls for similar liability to attach to the "Occupy" organizers?"

    What negligent act, or negligent failure to act, by the OccuChief caused this guy's death?

    More specifically, the OccuBosses would need to have violated a duty that they owed directly to him before they could be liable to his survivors for his OD death.

    So, I think they're not similar situations.  

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