Saturday, October 29, 2011

Now *this* is a Halloween costume! 

From my Facebook feed, moments ago:

Marlboro Boy

It has been shared thousands of times in the last few days, so many of you will have seen it, but I could not risk the chance that some of you might have missed it.

Of course, I officially disapprove, but -- just between us, of course -- I am cracking myself up thinking about how irritating this will be to the nanny-staters.


By Blogger Bartender Cabbie, at Sat Oct 29, 08:20:00 AM:

yes the do-gooders will have a field day whining. I love it.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Oct 29, 08:50:00 AM:

Love it, all it needs is some bacon for the trifecta of bad things for you. mpw  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Oct 29, 09:49:00 AM:

Thanks for reposting - I had not yet seen it. Would have been even more effective if the youngster had a drink in his hand. I wonder if they caught anyone they visited on camera...  

By Blogger Brian McD, at Sun Oct 30, 10:37:00 PM:

Lobster child and mommy  

By Blogger TheCrankyProfessor, at Tue Nov 01, 08:58:00 AM:

Scarring that kid for life! Funny how this guy never gets covered in the paper the way "2 Lesbian Moms Worry About Son who wants to go as a princess" do.  

By Blogger Stack Trace, at Wed Nov 02, 01:06:00 PM:

Halloween is for awesome bad scary stuff! Witches and axe murderers! NASCAR drivers! Darth Vader! Smokes and booze!  

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