Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rube alert 

A "maxed out" Obama donor calls for an end to the "class warfare" rhetoric. A nice essay, missing only an admission of the accountability that the author then demands from government.


By Blogger W.LindsayWheeler, at Tue Sep 27, 08:52:00 AM:

I posted this comment at his site. It may not be published:

Ted, you know you voted in a Marxist? Marxist live off of class rhetoric. Class warfare is Marxism. All the people that have surrounded Obama have been Marxists. You’re like the frog in Aesop’s fable with the Scorpion–refusal to see nature. Furthermore, the Marxists are attempting to crash the economy. They hate. Marxists are haters from the very beginning.

Marxists hate America and what she stands for. I don't know why anybody is suprised. Ted is right on in his observations. The American people voted in an American hater. Well, they deserve everything they get.  

By Blogger Georgfelis, at Wed Sep 28, 01:32:00 PM:

Also posted to his site, and have low expectations of it making it through "moderation".

Robbing Peter to pay Paul (and Ted) seems to be very popular with Paul (and Ted). Now that Peter is running out of money, the Robbing has gotten down to Ted’s (rising) level, he’s suffering from cognitive dissonance. In the immortal words of Pogo, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

But now he has become a “winner in life’s lottery”, and his former friends are directing their venom at him! Of all people! He’s a good guy, he works hard, he has a comfortable house, he donates to more charities than you can shake a stick at, why do they hate him so?

Welcome to the club Ted. Where have you been until now?  

By Anonymous daniel noe, at Wed Sep 28, 03:32:00 PM:

That he can think this way and use those talking points (class warfare, pres is rich too) makes it hard to understand how it is that he ever voted for Obama, let alone donated to.  

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