Sunday, February 06, 2011

Happy birthday, Mr. President 

We remember.


By Anonymous Locker Room, at Sun Feb 06, 03:59:00 PM:

Reagan at his finest. Walking out of the voting booth in sunny Los Angeles on that first Tuesday in November 1980, it felt great knowing I helped put Dutch in the White House.
Reagan's life proved beyond doubt that cosmic justice does indeed exist. All-time Democratic fixer/insider Clark Clifford famously described Reagan as "an amiable dunce" to twittering laughter among the Beltway set. But years later, Clifford was caught with his pants around his ankles most publicly in the notorious First American Bankshares/Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) scandal. As the facts of the case came to light, Clifford was shown to have been in essence a front man for Arab investors illegally gaining control of a US bank - and doing so unwittingly, despite his being the board chairman of First American. Clifford also made a multi-million $ profit in bank shares he acquired with loans from BCCI (the black hats in this fiscal soap opera). Bemoaning his fate, Clifford told the NY Times he had "a choice of of either seeming stupid or venal." Actually, the situation showed him the perfect example of an amiable dunce.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Sun Feb 06, 07:04:00 PM:

Sadly, I truly believe this was modern America's high water mark.

It was nice to have been a part of it.  

By Blogger SR, at Sun Feb 06, 11:20:00 PM:

For RR there was no such thing as a "high water mark.'
For him, America's best days were always yet to come.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Feb 07, 10:23:00 AM:

Comment of the day award to SR.

All the bemoaning of our future may be understandable, given our current fix with Democrats running wild in D.C., but it is indeed very un-Reagan like. Let's acknowledge that we've blown it with our political choices recently (I'm no fan of Bush and his Democrat-lite policies, and obviously Obama and Pelosi/Reid are nothing but evil intellectual dwarves), so let's focus on finding politicians who can once again remind us of how great our way of life truly is, and how singular a place is America.

Renewal is only one election away.  

By Blogger rovendro, at Mon Feb 07, 12:37:00 PM:

anon at 10:23:00

rr wouldn't have said it better.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Mon Feb 07, 06:16:00 PM:

Nice to see the counterpoints to my remark.

As a surgeon, I always hope for the best...but prepare for the worst.

America has always had a certain percentage of people who, out of ignorance, did not deserve a democracy.

They are now joined by a large contingent that do not WANT a democracy.

The best we can do is to awaken those who still have the ember and hope we are enough to carry the day.  

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