Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Scott Sipprelle wins the GOP nomination in New Jersey's 12th 

Scott Sipprelle, the Princeton Republican (did I just write those words?) who is the favorite of the conservatives in town (closeted or otherwise!), won his primary contest against the "tea party endorsed" candidate yesterday. He has secured his chance to run against Rush Holt, the Democratic incumbent in New Jersey's 12th Congressional District. Holt is a nice man, but he is an academic liberal (formerly a physicist at Princeton's Plasma Physics Lab) who has distinguished himself first by voting with Pelosi and Co. at essentially all opportunities and second by having the world's most arrogant bumper sticker: "My Congressman IS a Rocket Scientist." Apologies to those of you who have just puked on your keyboard.

Anyway, Sipprelle can win, so please consider tossing him a few bucks. This year, every little bit helps.


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