Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Austin through the windshield 

No, I wasn't driving (this time)...

Austin through the windshield


By Blogger Muddy Waters, at Wed Jun 16, 01:20:00 PM:

TH, you in town long?
Can I buy you a beer this evening?  

By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Wed Jun 16, 01:34:00 PM:

I'd recommend hitting up Freebirds while you're in town. If you're downtown and want a late snack, Katz's. Draught House is a tasty pub style beer, but it's kind of out of the way. Alamo Drafthouse to have beer and burgers and such while you watch a movie if you've the time.  

By Blogger Escort81, at Wed Jun 16, 02:51:00 PM:

County Line for BBQ beef ribs out on Bee Cave Rd., west of town. Go with a bunch of people and do it family style with all of the sides.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Jun 16, 03:04:00 PM:

Matt's el Rancho for atmosphere and people watching. Watch out for Moonbats everywhere, normal bats under the bridge you are on in the picture. Welcome to Texas!!  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Wed Jun 16, 07:44:00 PM:

Muddy Waters, I'd love to meet you. This trip was booked solid, but I'll be back and will try to do a meet up with local readers. Sounds fun!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Jun 18, 07:40:00 AM:

Love Austin...the Salt Lick is another great BBQ joint, as well as some awesome Mexican food.

If you ever make it to Denver, post up and I'll buy you a beer. Will post with the "government name."  

By Blogger Miss Ladybug, at Fri Jun 18, 08:15:00 PM:

I'm in Austin, too.

There are now 3 Salt Lick locations. The original out west of town in Driftwood, one on Loop 360 on the west side of town and one in Round Rock in the parking lot of the Dell Diamond on Hwy 79.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jun 19, 10:05:00 AM:

There is now and only ever wll be one Salt Lick. All others are hallucinations and probably the product of a diseased mind.  

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