Saturday, May 01, 2010

Obama and Specter 

There's an old saying that politics makes strange bedfellows, but, well, res ipsa loquitur.
(President Obama:)

That's why Arlen got into politics so many years ago. That's why he was a prosecutor. That's why he has excelled in the United States Senate. That's why he is -- he was a great senator when he was a Republican; he's going to be a even better senator now that he's a Democrat. (Applause.) And that's why you are all going to work just as hard as you can to make sure that he gets reelected and is continuing to help me move this country forward.

Thank you very much, Philadelphia. (Applause.) I love you, and I love Arlen Specter. I appreciate you guys. Thank you. (Applause.)
Challenger Joe Sestak was only -2 in a Rasmussen poll three weeks ago, but was down bigger in other polls. If Sestak pulls a primary upset in PA -- overcoming Specter's war chest, as unlikely an event as that may be -- I would guess that somewhat fewer Democratic incumbents in tight races will be calling the president to campaign for them in the run up to the general election in November.


By Anonymous Dan D, at Sat May 01, 09:24:00 PM:

Escort81, rest easy. I am pretty sure that Sestak will fail to drag it across the finish line, close though it may be. And actually I hope I am not wrong, because Toomey will have a much easier race against Specter than he would with Sestak.

Still, I think the old Pennsylvania voter inertia will rule, and it will be the Arlen and Pat show come November.  

By Anonymous Billy Bob Corncob, at Sat May 01, 11:54:00 PM:

Is it only me who thinks that this Obama support of Arlen has the feel of a transaction between a John and a street hooker, desperate to make money for her next hit of crack?

All this spectacle because Specter, egotist that he is, could not accept that his time is up.  

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