Friday, May 21, 2010

From a native Thai with whom I went to high school:

Dear friends,

I am sure you have all been reading or hearing about the current problems in Thailand. Many of you have inquired about it. I want to tell all of you that my family is fine, though obviously not very happy about what has been happening. I find that the international press coverage has been incomplete and sometimes downright inaccurate. The problem is so complex that it can’t possibly be presented in a short news piece or article, especially when done by reporters who don’t understand the language or enough background. I’ve been reading a lot online and have found these web pages to be fairly objective and informative. In the case of Somtow’s blog, it’s also fun to read, to the extent this awful situation allows.

I’d rather not discuss the situation at this time (too emotional), but I appreciate your concern.

By way of background.

And a very good blog by a very interesting Thai person (author, musician) that hits it just right about why international news coverage left a lot to be desired.

followed by a bit of clarification.

And an older entry that I find gives good background.


By Blogger MTF, at Fri May 21, 08:55:00 AM:

Thanks for that bit of education.  

By Blogger Steven, at Fri May 21, 10:18:00 AM:

Sorry CNN and BBC
It is not as simple as you see.
Those people we call the Red-Shirts
Really are diverse as it can be.

Many are naïve as can be
Shouting fervently for democracy,
Not knowing what it actually is!
Having been duped like herd of wildebeests.

The leaders with different ideologies
All take orders from square-faced Mr. T
To instigate the masses into commotion
Violating other peoples’ rights and privacy.

They have political parties
Under the bankroll of the same Mr. T.
Disbanded twice but still surviving;
“One day, President, I’m gonna be.”

Carrying machine guns, cold-
Blooded men in Black; assassins enrolled.
They’ll do anything illegal
To achieve Mr. T’s final Goal.

So this is the broad outline
For you, “Farang” guys,
To have a hint of what’s going on
In the Kingdom of Thailand. Good-bye.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri May 21, 11:16:00 AM:

Is the royalist/anti-royalist spat really as worrisome as the numerous mass murders being carried out by Islamic jihadists?  

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