Sunday, April 04, 2010

We be skeptical 

Guess where this came from.

We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work.

And we be many, but you be few.


By Blogger TigerHawk, at Sun Apr 04, 11:41:00 AM:

If you be hoping to transform the world's economy to generate a lot less CO2, your problem be democracy, not the lack thereof.  

By Blogger Mystery Meat, at Sun Apr 04, 11:42:00 AM:

Make sure you read the comments, too.  

By Blogger GreenmanTim, at Sun Apr 04, 11:48:00 AM:

Wow, this is so reminiscent of those threatening letters send to 30+ governors. Coincidence? I think not!  

By Anonymous sirius_sir, at Sun Apr 04, 04:30:00 PM:

"We need to hit them where it hurts most, by any means necessary: through the power of our votes, our taxes, our wallets, and more."

And of course, anyone who reads this as a possible incitement to violence is delusional.  

By Anonymous Boludo Tejano, at Sun Apr 04, 05:26:00 PM:

Mystery Meat: good suggestion that we read the comments. Not many of the comments are favorable to Greenpeace's stating "we know where you live."  

By Blogger Purple Avenger, at Sun Apr 04, 06:17:00 PM:

I stopped donating to Greenpeace 25 years ago when it became obvious they were a corrupt organization at the highest levels.

Any internal dissent within Greenpeace about policy or decisions is viciously crushed. Discussion non congruent with official policy is shunned and if necessary forcibly censored.  

By Blogger "Mindles H. Dreck", at Sun Apr 04, 08:33:00 PM:

no, but it is like Kristallnacht! /sarcasm

I volunteered for Greenpeace in 1982, earning 35% of my fundraising take. It was like a boiler room with pot and a lot of yelling.

I wouldn't trust any of those people with even my boa constrictors.  

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