Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Legerdemain Obama style 

Niiiice one! Very smooth. Smooth like butter. So smooth it slipped right by the mainstream media.

If we were liberals and therefore easily insulted, those of us who have actually created jobs would take offense at poseurs like our president.

CWCID: Glenn Reynolds.


By Blogger Viking Kaj, at Tue Apr 20, 03:23:00 PM:

As noted previously, the real swindlers are in the White House and Congress. I wonder if Goldmann could get away with accounting like that.


By Anonymous E Hines, at Wed Apr 21, 07:41:00 AM:

What nobody is asking, and serious folks should be, is the basis for attributing any aspect of the "recovery" to the government's stimulus spending. How is any impact discriminable from an ordinary business cycle and the recovery portion of that cycle? Where's the evidence that ties any of this to the government?

Eric Hines  

By Blogger Mr. Bingley, at Wed Apr 21, 07:46:00 AM:

Obviously the job situation they inherited from the Previous Administration was worse than they knew in 2009.

/sarc off  

By Anonymous Brian Schmidt, at Thu Apr 22, 09:25:00 AM:

The administration has said the recession turned out to be worse than they anticipated, but their stimulus took the edge off of it. Obviously that means a different baseline. (Kind of what Mr B says, only it's about the economy and not jobs.) Only Breitbart could think they've discovered something new in that analysis.

(Not that I'm sure I believe the 2.8m jobs figure, but virtually all non-conservative economists and a large percent of conservative economists think the stimulus helped. The major split among economists is over whether it was too small.)  

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