Sunday, April 25, 2010

Client Number 9's latest metaphor 

You have to hand it to Eliot Spitzer. Just when you think his unjustified self-importance has exceeded the entire experience of homo sapiens to date, he again blows through our tiresome expectations:

Spitzer talks at length in the movie. Sitting on a couch with his arm often draped comfortably to the side, he talks of his successes in financial reform and never dodges the tough questions.

Did his hooker habit pose a problem with his job? "It never interfered with governance."

How did he section off that part of his life? "It's part of the mysteries of the human mind."

How does he view it now? "The metaphor I think of is Icarus" - the flying god burned by the sun.

Such a shame that the ancient Greeks had no god of douchebaggery.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Apr 25, 04:21:00 PM:

I take it that "you have to hand it to Eliot Spitzer" was not meant as any kind of pun....  

By Anonymous onscrn, at Sun Apr 25, 05:06:00 PM:

Icarus was a mortal, not a god.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Apr 25, 06:05:00 PM:

Eliot seems to be rapidly reverting to the bad, old Eliot.

We shouldn't be too sure from very limited news.

After being caught he sure made the right moves: accepting blame, denying nothing, and stepping out of public life.

I think he has learned nothing, but the public has.


By Blogger TigerHawk, at Sun Apr 25, 07:13:00 PM:

@onscrn - good point. Kicking myself for missing that.  

By Blogger Georgfelis, at Mon Apr 26, 08:35:00 AM:

The word is "Trust".

What we are hearing from him is roughly "Yes I am willing to return to a position of public trust, despite having broken trust with the public and my wife bigtime."

What you hear from the public is "No."

And in November, the Democrats will be running on "Yes I know we promised you fiscal discipline, peace in the world, justice at Gitmo, prosperity, free health care and unicorns, but we can do better this time, honest."

Different song, same answer.  

By Blogger narciso, at Mon Apr 26, 08:49:00 AM:

He decapitated AIG, leaving in the hands of the likes of Cassani, he
savaged Lehman bros, but never got
to the heart of the problem, those
are the big picture details  

By Anonymous Mad as Hell, at Mon Apr 26, 10:06:00 AM:

I know of only two people who have publicly bragged about getting a perfect 1600 on the old SAT. They're both politicians. Wanna guess who they are? One's a gimme. Icarus indeed.  

By Anonymous sirius_sir, at Mon Apr 26, 02:50:00 PM:

I'll guess they're both schmucks.

But yeah, that's a gimme.  

By Blogger kreiz1, at Mon Apr 26, 05:56:00 PM:

Spitzer's one for sure. Was Schumer the other?  

By Anonymous Mad as Hell, at Mon Apr 26, 07:54:00 PM:

Spitzer and Schumer.

I can forgive Schumer doing so -- he wasn't born a macher -- but Spitzer ... oy! .. what a shmendrik.

I don't like a lot of Chuck's politics, but I have a grudging respect and admiration for the guy. He's a mensch. He's mostly represented the state well in Congress. He's lost his way lately -- he's now better at serving his party mandarins than his state.

Spitzer is likely plotting a run for New York AG, I suspect. He thinks he can win a Democratic primary on name recognition alone, and that any Democrat can beat any Republican. If so, expect a move after current NYAG Andy Cuomo announces for NY Governor.  

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