Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun from Belize 

A lot of people are down on the CIA and George W. Bush for waterboarding jihadis, but apparently in Belize you can do it for fun. I finally understand this t-shirt!



By Anonymous Mad as Hell, at Sun Mar 21, 09:46:00 AM:

I've been in Seine Bight Village, amazingly. I stayed in the Rum Point Inn just down the road in Placencia back in 1985 during an exotic dive trip. The local beer is Belikin, based on a Heinikin recipe.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Sun Mar 21, 10:43:00 AM:

My wife and I did "Cave -Tubing" in Belize. You take a bus out of Belize city, coat your self with mosquito repellent, grab a big tractor tire tube and a mining hat...then, after a half hour hike thru the rainforest, launch into an underground river that carries you thru a series of caves. Somewhat dangerous, but VERY cool.

Otherwise, Belize is an armpit.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Mar 21, 11:59:00 AM:

Back then Belize City was a cross between Calcutta and 125th Street. I suspect it hasn't changed. Ambergris Caye wasn't too built up back then -- we were only there for two days. We were mostly down south doing our own diving with a side trip into Guatemala.

Back then Belize had only one major paved road, from Belize City to the inland capital Belmopan. Pot smugglers used it as a landing strip at night.

I had a wild two weeks, including diving "The" blue hole, getting stopped by Guatemalan rebels while on our way to Tikal, running out of gas a couple of miles short of shore on our way back from the barrier reef (wind and tide were in our favor), etc.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Mar 22, 03:26:00 PM:

I was just there at the New Year.
Celebrated just down the road In Placencia at The Purple Space Monkey.
The roads are now paved! Seine Bight is a poor area but the natives are SO friendly! I'll definitely be returning to this tropical paradise. You can take a small plane straight into Placencia, walk down the road and find a cheap place on the beach to rent (w/ wireless), great foods, 100 Barrel Rum, and a much slower pace. An ex-pat haven - wish I were still there!  

By Anonymous Mad as Hell, at Mon Mar 22, 07:37:00 PM:

To Anon 3:26

I was thrilled by your report. I was in Placencia for one of the two weeks I was in Belize. The locals were great people. It makes me want to go back soon.  

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