Sunday, February 21, 2010

This should not happen to anybody 

As somebody who has been hit by projectile vomiting, I do not wish it on anybody, not even on somebody who purports to have enjoyed it.


By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Mon Feb 22, 12:23:00 AM:

From the original: "And it's not the first time the transsexual performer has engaged in this kind of thing.

“I threw up on someone several weeks ago. They went to the manager and said, ‘That tranny just threw up on me.’ The manager said, ‘How cool is that!’ He said if that happened to me, I'd call my friends and we'd all be there tomorrow!'"

Our society is doomed.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Mon Feb 22, 07:57:00 AM:

All in all, not a bad winter for conservative:.

Victories in New Jersey, Virginia and Mass., Americans waking up and Obama's polls dropping, AGW debunked, Health care exposed...

...and now this...the cherry on the cake (probably mixed in with some mushrooms, Chinese noodles and cheap wine).  

By Blogger Charlottesvillain, at Mon Feb 22, 10:16:00 AM:

I was once witness to a curious case of projectile vomiting while watching A Clockwork Orange in a tiered auditorium in college. It originaged in the row behind me, but rained down on the row in front me, leaving my friends and I unscathed. I wouldn't have believed it possible....

And yes, society is doomed.  

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