Saturday, February 27, 2010

Open source bird watching 

The bird below, tolerantly posing on the Millstone River and visible earlier this afternoon from the bridge over the Delaware and Raritan Canal lock, looks a lot like the last bird in this post, which you readers helpfully identified as a great blue heron. But I could be wrong. What say our more expert readers?

Open source bird-watching

Great Blue, Millstone River


By Anonymous Lee, at Sat Feb 27, 04:07:00 PM:

It looks just like the blue heron that ate all of my koi! I hope it freezes.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Feb 27, 04:33:00 PM:

That is a great blue heron. Good illustration in Peterson's field guide  

By Blogger swiftone, at Sat Feb 27, 05:21:00 PM:

Looks very like the great blue herons that winter in the Honey Island Swamp near my home on the LA MS state line, near the Gulf of Mexico. I had no idea they had such a range.  

By Blogger Georgfelis, at Sat Feb 27, 05:51:00 PM:

Yep, a great blue, according to the USGS. If you want to attract them around the home, you should consider putting in a koi pond, I understand they love those little fishies.  

By Anonymous Peachey, at Sat Feb 27, 07:50:00 PM:

Clearly, that is the New Jersey variant, the Pretty Good Blue Heron. You have to go to Pennsylvania for a Great Blue Heron  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Feb 27, 07:58:00 PM:

Does he answer to the name of "Hank"?


By Blogger GreenmanTim, at Sat Feb 27, 09:16:00 PM:

It is, in fact, a male mallard duck with his lady friend. Oh, wait, you meant the big one.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Sat Feb 27, 09:57:00 PM:

Heh. For an environmentalist, GT, you definitely have a sense of humor.  

By Blogger John Cunningham, at Sun Feb 28, 04:52:00 PM:

GT cannot be a true greenie. Having a sense of humor is a disqualifier for enviro status.  

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