Saturday, December 26, 2009

Superceding Facebook status of the day 

From a globe-trotting classmate of mine:

Security at Amsterdam Airport is unbelievably strict today, after the failed terrorist plot by a Nigerian aboard a NW flight to Detroit. Funny thing is, instead of "Allahu Akbar," he said "I found 23,5$ million in gold bullion from the Microsoft-Google Lottery of the World Bank in Lagos and will share 37 per cent with you to use your bank account to effect a bank wire transfer via FedEx courier."

Heh. I love the verisimilitude in the blown dollar sign.


By Blogger joated, at Sat Dec 26, 05:39:00 PM:

Love your friend's sense of humor. Great line. Something I'd expect from Leno.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Dec 26, 10:53:00 PM:

The feds have announced insane new regulations designed to protect us from repeats of yesterday's incident: stay seated, nothing on your lap. Sadly, the feds cannot enact the one change that would truly make travelers safer: keep Muslims off airplanes.

Some clever private entrepreneur should advertise "XYZ Air is now offering certified Muslim-free flights five times a week on its London-NY route." Of course, XYZ Air would still offer some flights where Muslims were permitted, if only to deflect the inevitable lawsuits...

Cons: "Civil liberties" types would go ballistic; implementation is unclear.

Pros: I bet the flying public would embrace such a move. I would happily pay a few dollars more for real safety; I already pay more for the PC illusion of safety that TSA gives us. Jeez, the Muslim-free flights would have a party-like atmosphere compared to the poor saps confined to their seats on the other flights.


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