Friday, November 20, 2009

Princeton University in late autumn 

I walked across the campus from the Dinky station this afternoon, and snapped a few pics that some of you, at least, might enjoy.


Blair and "Oughty One"

Alexander Hall

Holder over Blair



By Anonymous Howard in Boston, at Fri Nov 20, 04:54:00 PM:

Great pictures!

I did this exact walk about a month ago when I was on campus conducting interviews for my firm. Sadly, the day was rainy and gloomy; but it's always a little happier at Old Nassau.  

By Anonymous Edward Lunny, at Fri Nov 20, 05:28:00 PM:

Nice photos, what was your implement of choice ?  

By Blogger Escort81, at Fri Nov 20, 06:04:00 PM:

If you had been doing that walk about 3 decades ago, you might have been hit near Blair Arch steps with a water balloon launched from a funnelator by, um, friends of mine standing on the roof of Foulke Hall tower. They learned to "walk in mortar fire" as freshmen.

Great shots, though it is remarkable how relatively empty the campus is on a Friday afternoon.  

By Blogger The Conservative Wahoo, at Sat Nov 21, 08:00:00 AM:

Always thought UVA was bested only by Princeton and Stanford in terms of the beauty of its grounds.  

By Blogger TigerHawk, at Sat Nov 21, 09:04:00 AM:

UVA is spectacular. I remember walking across the UVA campus in January 1980, at about 5 in the morning, on my way to catch the Southern Crescent back up to New Jersey. There was a new fallen snow, and that made Mr. Jefferson's already beautiful university nothing short of astonishing.  

By Anonymous Tom, at Sun Nov 22, 08:53:00 AM:

Great photos of an unbelievably elite university. Long may it last!! Thanx, Tom  

By Blogger joated, at Mon Nov 23, 07:54:00 PM:

Princeton U. is a lovely place...if you can get by its political leanings.  

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