Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Give to Project Valour-IT 

We have joined this year's blog campaign to raise money for Project Valour-IT, which provides tech equipment to wounded American fighting men and women. Cassandra has written a comprehensive background post, but it comes down to this: grateful Americans, providing voice-activated laptops and other helpful tech gear to severely wounded troops. They need this stuff, and we owe it to them. So let's help.

The campaign is a (not so) friendly rivalry among "teams" representing the services, and we've joined the Marines team. The first service to hit $35,000 wins, and you know how much Marines love winning. I, for one, do not want to disappoint them. But the money all ends up in the same place, helping Americans who really deserve our help regardless of their service.

Give to support Valour-IT by clicking on the thermometer in the widget below or through this link. I will also put it at the top of our right sidebar so you can come back and easily find the link if you see a chance to put the Marines over the top! Please give generously.


By Blogger Cassandra, at Tue Oct 27, 06:33:00 PM:

Thanks so much for doing this, TH.

Through being friends with Carrie, my co-blogger, over the years I've heard over and over what a huge difference Valour IT makes in the lives of recovering vets and their families. Living in a hospital for 1.5 to 2 years is a bleak, bleak prospect. I saw that when my nephew was diagnosed with leukemia. It wears everyone down after a while.

Sometimes the smallest things - like being able to keep in touch with absent friends, get away, or distract yourself for a moment, mean everything.  

By Blogger Donna B., at Tue Oct 27, 09:22:00 PM:

It's impossible to know what each recipient goes through in their struggle for survival and a return to a "normal" life.

Yet... what am I supposed to do? I'm the mother of a Soldier, the mother of an Airman, the aunt of Seaman, and the wife of a Marine????

The very least my situation should do is remind that all are worthy?  

By Blogger Cassandra, at Wed Oct 28, 04:06:00 PM:

You're singlehandedly keeping the services afloat, Donna!

I think you deserve a nap :)  

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