Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gaddafi vs. Switzerland 

One of the weirder proposals coming out of Libyan President Muammar Gadaffi is to break up Switzerland into its component linguistic parts (German, French and Italian).

Either Gaddafi has dementia relating to end-stage venereal disease, or the man really holds a grudge, or both.
"Relations between Libya and Switzerland soured in July 2008 when Gaddafi's son Hannibal and his wife were arrested by police in Geneva for allegedly beating their two servants at a local hotel. Gaddafi was so enraged by his son's two-day detention, he immediately retaliated by shutting down local subsidiaries of Swiss companies Nestlé and ABB in Libya, arresting two Swiss businessmen for supposed visa irregularities, canceling most commercial flights between the two countries and withdrawing about $5 billion from his Swiss bank accounts."
What a whacko.

Oh, and the $5 billion from "his Swiss bank accounts" -- I suppose some of the country's oil revenue didn't find its way into the hands of the Libyan people.

Maybe Gaddafi can start writing material for the next Austin Powers movie, substituting hatred for the Swiss in place of the Dutch.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Sep 27, 07:37:00 PM:

Break up Switzerland into its component parts...

Sounds like the Biden plan.  

By Anonymous Londra, at Sun Sep 27, 09:56:00 PM:

Crazy was the Bush Administration taking Gaddafi off the terror list, and Condi Rice sharing dinner with the old coot during Ramadan last year. Leezza, Leezza, Leezza....

What WAS she thinking??  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Sep 27, 10:09:00 PM:

No, crazy was when Pres. Bush removed North Korea from the terrorism sponsor list last year!

Yeah, that was a foreign policy achievement alright. For North Korea!  

By Anonymous tyree, at Sun Sep 27, 11:32:00 PM:

These "cult of personality" leaders who focus so much of attention onto themselves are just too fake to be believed. I wonder how many times Kaddafi mentions himself in his speeches?  

By Blogger Don Cox, at Mon Sep 28, 06:51:00 AM:

The big problem is how to prevent these crazies from getting power in the first place. They are typically very manipulative and cunning.

More dangerous than paedophiles and terrorists.  

By Anonymous Dennis, at Mon Sep 28, 10:57:00 AM:

Damn! Someone beat me to it. He was obviously conferring with 'ol Talkin' Hairplugs.  

By Anonymous Fausta, at Tue Sep 29, 04:32:00 PM:

How perfect that Hannibal went to Switzerland, in the first place!  

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