Sunday, July 12, 2009

How to change the inner tube in your bike tire 

There are a lot of fairly worthless "how to" videos on YouTube, but this one is pretty good, at least if you still have to get the hang of changing punctured inner tubes in your bicycle tires.


By Blogger Purple Avenger, at Sun Jul 12, 01:22:00 PM:

I always just patched them insitu by the side of the road. Sneak the punctured part off the rim, patch it and slip the tube/tire back on.  

By Blogger Nancy, at Sun Jul 12, 05:22:00 PM:

That is quite good, actually (speaking as someone who has changed her share of tubes, usually on the side of the road!)

The advice about having a double action frame pump is good. You can also use CO2 cartridges, if you are trying to keep the bike clean of gadgets (CO2 fits in the saddle bag).  

By Blogger K, at Mon Jul 13, 05:08:00 PM:

Or you could just drive.  

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