Friday, June 12, 2009

A note on traffic 

Glenn Reynolds links to an informal survey of political blog traffic, which has generally declined from October 2008 (just before the election) to May 2009, and notices that Instapundit is the only blog in the survey that had more page views in the recent period. Well, this blog was not included in the survey, but we are delighted to report that we also had more page views in May, logging 194,822 last month compared to 177,815 in October. Thanks!


By Anonymous Mr. Ed, at Fri Jun 12, 10:28:00 AM:

You welcome. But, I have to tell you, hitting the reload button 17,007 times was no walk in the park.


By Blogger Christopher Chambers, at Fri Jun 12, 10:31:00 AM:

I thought you mean commuter automobile traffic. Oh well...

Maybe the blog traffic's been driven by same flavor of wingnut who now want Shep Smith at Fox fired?  

By Blogger Glenn, at Sat Jun 13, 10:44:00 AM:

And, amazingly, you did it with minimal nanotechnology-related content.  

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