Thursday, June 18, 2009

DeMint boxes Boxer 

From America's Morning News via Hot Air, Jim DeMint (R-SC) hits the easy target and comments on (audio link requires software that will play mp3 files) his senate colleague Barbara "please don't call me ma'am" Boxer (D-CA), who upbraided a Brigadier General earlier this week during a hearing for not referring to her as "Senator."

I did not serve in the military, but my father did, and I was raised to use the "sir" and "ma'am" convention as a sign of respect, particularly with those people whom you are meeting for the first time. I still do it from time to time, almost without thinking. For those in the military, it has to be something close to a reflexive habit to use those terms.

But, if SENATOR Boxer is into it, then, hey, why not? From now on, we shall refer to TigerHawk as "King of the Jungle" TigerHawk (or does that refer to lions, I forget?), and you can refer to me as "Baron" Escort81. Please post in the comments the titles that you'd prefer when you are addressed.

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Jun 18, 11:08:00 PM:

How about I call you "Dragon" and TigerHawk "Nighthawk?"

BTW major props if you know that reference.

BTW, part deux, spoke to my Dad who is retired, but served in Vietnam back in the day about the story, his reaction was short and sweet, he didn't understand the "arrogance" of someone speaking down to military, regardless of their rank.  

By Blogger OregonJon, at Fri Jun 19, 12:02:00 AM:

Senator Boxer made note of how hard she had worked to earn being called "senator". One could surmise that California's prissy senator does not yet believe she has earned the right to be called Ma'am. Who's to argue.  

By Blogger DEC, at Fri Jun 19, 12:11:00 AM:

"And we say grace and we say Ma’am, and if you ain’t into that we don’t give a damn." -- From the song "A County Boy Can Survive" (Hank Williams Jr.)  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Jun 19, 08:17:00 AM:

When addressing me, a simple "Your Majesty" will suffice.  

By Anonymous scottJ, at Fri Jun 19, 09:29:00 AM:

Perhaps the General should have used Star Fleet Academy protocol, calling the senator "sir," regardless of gender, race, or species. Senator Boxer seems alien to me.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Jun 19, 01:26:00 PM:

Since a senator is a sir her correct title is senatrix  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jun 20, 08:36:00 AM:

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