Friday, June 05, 2009

Communist sympathizers in the State Department 

No, this is not a flashback to the early 1950s and the era of Joe McCarthy, but Walter Kendall Myers has been arrested for spying for Cuba.
"A retired State Department worker and his wife have been arrested on charges of spying for Cuba for three decades, using grocery carts among their array of tools to pass U.S. secrets to the communist government in a security breach one official described as 'incredibly serious.'

"An indictment unsealed Friday said Walter Kendall Myers worked his way into higher and higher U.S. security clearances while secretly partnering with his wife, Gwendolyn Steingraber Myers, as clandestine agents so valued by the Cuban government that they once had a private four-hour meeting with President Fidel Castro."
The good news might be that compared to spies Aldrich Ames, Robert Hanssen and John Walker, the damage might not be that catastrophic. But Myers and his wife are traitors, and should be prosecuted as such. If they are found guilty, they should spend the rest of their lives in jail.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jun 06, 03:35:00 AM:

Obama supporters! They donated money to Obama last year. I'm shocked that American traitors would support Obama...its not like he would ever associate with....oh wait...never mind.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Sat Jun 06, 07:59:00 AM:

I'm sure they will get an "empathetic" judge...or at least pathetic.

Hmmm...spies....not a bad idea, actually. We should get some...oh, I forgot...we tried that. They were gutted by the Church Commission, forbidden by law under Clinton to associate with or recieve information from sources with criminal records and now threatened with legal action for retroactive policy changes.

But fear not...Barack will solve all of the world's problems with a series of inspired speeches...no need for "wet work".


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jun 06, 09:38:00 AM:

It takes a village of useful idiots to build a worker's paradise ...  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jun 06, 10:59:00 AM:

If they are found guilty, they should be executed.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jun 06, 01:34:00 PM:

I assume, if they are retired, that the FBI is aggressively trying to find out who replaced them within the State Department. No good intelligence agent leaves without arranging for the info flow to continue.  

By Anonymous Ruth H, at Sat Jun 06, 02:00:00 PM:

I wonder how many more are out there. The State Department and other agencies have apparently not done a very good job of policing their ranks.  

By Blogger Purple Avenger, at Sat Jun 06, 08:59:00 PM:

Send'em to Cuba.  

By Blogger davod, at Mon Jun 08, 06:57:00 AM:

I read one account which said this was a three month investigation. Seems like a pretty quick investigation.

Why the rush. He is retired.

I hope there is not a political element to the timing.  

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