Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The New Republic jumps the shark 

If this is not the single creepiest use of Photoshop in the history of the universe, I don't know what is:


CWCID: Regular commenter Howard in Boston, who pushed me over the edge.


By Anonymous Boludo Tejano, at Wed Mar 26, 09:04:00 PM:

Judging by the physiognomy, TNR might be suggesting that the candidate to vote for is of South Asian origin. That would suggest the Governor of Louisiana, and I don't mean Huey Long.  

By Anonymous William Teach, at Wed Mar 26, 09:33:00 PM:

Some use photoshop for good, some for evil. This would qualify as Dark Lord of the Sith evil.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Mar 26, 10:25:00 PM:

This image has emetic qualities every bit equal to ipecac.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Mar 26, 10:28:00 PM:

Behold: the Anti-Christ...egad  

By Anonymous Howard in Boston, at Wed Mar 26, 10:39:00 PM:

To those of you who were exposed to this on my account, you are very welcome.

In lieu of flowers, we request that you send cash (preferably a hard currency like something used in Europe) to the home of Howard in Boston.

Thank you.  

By Anonymous Socratease, at Wed Mar 26, 11:24:00 PM:

"Look at me, Damien! It's all for you!"  

By Blogger K. Pablo, at Wed Mar 26, 11:47:00 PM:

Looks like Chris Crocker in a marginally less-hysterical moment....  

By Blogger Georgfelis, at Thu Mar 27, 12:11:00 AM:

Hard currency Howard? Ick! For this, we should be dropping rolls of pennies on you from high altitudes :)

(Tums, where is my darned Tums...)  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Mar 27, 01:19:00 AM:

OMG. The dems are choosing - an androgenous leprechaun?  

By Blogger jj mollo, at Thu Mar 27, 02:20:00 AM:

Sends shivers down the spine. I thought for an instant I was looking at a new Tim Lahaye novel.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Mar 27, 03:34:00 AM:

I wonder what Rev. Wright would have to say about THAT person, LOL! BTW is that a garlic nose?  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Mar 27, 09:38:00 AM:

Hmm... If SNL wants to do a skit about this merged candidate, Maya Rudolph would be the perfect choice to play, um, it. Look at a picture of her, very similar.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Mar 27, 11:42:00 AM:

Hillack Clinbama - how appropriate.  

By Anonymous Fecal McStool, at Thu Mar 27, 01:36:00 PM:

I like to talk about stool.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Mar 27, 02:03:00 PM:


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Mar 27, 07:31:00 PM:


By Blogger jj mollo, at Fri Mar 28, 03:11:00 AM:

I still find it unnerving. I think that the feeling is caused by subconscious recognition processes that get stuck between two highly familiar faces. Part of your mind knows that you should be able to resolve a single personality from the features you see, but another part knows that you do not know this individual. Theoretically the creepy feeling should diminish over time as you develop the feeling that you "know" this face, but that's not happening for me.  

By Blogger sexy, at Sun Nov 09, 04:07:00 AM:


By Blogger sexy, at Mon Dec 22, 02:19:00 AM:








By Blogger sex999, at Sat Jan 10, 09:11:00 AM:



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