Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The politics of the weather 

The global warming "debate," (which I have at various times mocked on this blog) has achieved the rather remarkable feat of actually politicizing the weather. There are many examples of this, perhaps the most famous being Robert Kennedy's blaming the Republicans for Hurricane Katrina. Not the response to Katrina hitting New Orleans mind you, but the existence of the hurricane itself.

Bad weather is now the fault of Republicans, which by implication would suggest that good weather is a Democratic phenomenon.

So, in this context, Gay Patriot asks:

Here is my key question: If the over-active 2005 Hurricane Season, featuring Katrina, was Bush's Fault.... does he get credit for the lack of storms in 2006? Or is that Nancy Pelosi's success?

Any of you odds makers out there want to handicap this one?


By Blogger Catchy Pseudonym, at Tue Nov 28, 02:32:00 PM:

I'd actually blame El Nino.  

By Blogger Screwy Hoolie, at Tue Nov 28, 02:38:00 PM:

It's clearly a vindication of Bush's 'Stay The Course' strategy.  

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