Friday, November 24, 2006

Clark Brothers and the full enjoyment of our Second Amendment rights 

Every summer for most of my life our family would make its way down the eastern seaboard visiting relatives, and eventually we would drive down Virginia's Route 15 to our family's old house -- "Indian Gap," pictured at right, now owned by the 'Villain -- somewhere in Buckingham County, Virginia. The drive would take us past Warrenton, just south of which lies a great man-store called Clark Brothers. Throughout my childhood and well into my college years Clark Brothers had a single large sign that read, simply, "Clark Bros. Guns Fireworks Canoes." For whatever reason we never stopped there, but I always thought that "Guns, Fireworks, Canoes" sounded like loads of fun.

As it happened, about ten years ago my father-in-law and his wife moved to Warrenton, so we now have a regular reason to decamp there, rather than down in Buckingham. A few years after that my father-in-law became something of a gun guy, so now we make a visit to Clark Bros' backyard range part of the regular Thanksgiving program. The sign is not quite as colorful, but it is a blast all the same.

Below, "Grandpa Tom" instructs the Daughter (who, we have previously reported, is an excellent shot with a pistol), the Son, Mrs. TigerHawk and finally Your Blogger. As always, click on the pictures to enlarge them.

We all shot brilliantly.

Back when I was in law school I knew Dave Kopel, who was extremely learned on the topic of gun rights even then. I don't follow the subject much any more, but commend to you Glenn and Helen's interview of Kopel, which will quickly bring you up to date on gun rights and related topics (such as the "stand your ground" laws being adopted by our more progressive -- and I used that term quite precisely -- states).


By Anonymous al, at Sat Nov 25, 12:52:00 PM:

I'm glad to see your kids are using the proper two-handed style; I've seen too many people try to emulate Dirty Harry and make fools of themselves.  

By Blogger Viatrix, at Sat Nov 25, 01:09:00 PM:

Looks like the TigerHawk clan & extended family had a great Thanksgiving!

Is that a Ruger .22? From some angles it looks like the one we learned on.  

By Anonymous BIRD OF PARIDISE, at Sat Nov 25, 03:47:00 PM:

Teach all kids to properly and safly handle a gun and something from the NRAs EDDIE EAGLE gun safty and dont let them get cuasght up in writting all those damn antigun posters or get getting them involved in such as KIDS ASK or WE PREVENT  

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