Friday, April 28, 2006

Lest there is any doubt... 

...The Note this morning explains the attitude of the Washington press corps concerning this year's election:

Most Washington reporters want the Democrats to take control of Congress for various reasons (including that it is a better story than the alternative, and the Waxman leaks are missed), but they are willing to put that desire aside, and at least be semi-neutral, if the President's jokes at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner are funny.

AND if he seems genuinely contrite, and willing to change his ways.

AND if he announces a troop withdrawal, an end to the "domestic" surveillance program (and he must call it that), and that he is putting root beer in the water fountains in the press room.

I'm not counting on semi-neutrality.


By Blogger Cardinalpark, at Fri Apr 28, 02:00:00 PM:

I think it actually benefits the Republican Party when the MSM is relentlessly negative and biased towards the current Administration. It infuriates and stimulates the base to come out. Interestingly, Congressional Republicans are changing gears to focus on judicial approvals -- something about which the Republican base is passionate, and which the MSM makes hay with.

Right now, the Democratic Party would benefit from a sleepy press, one that lulled the Republican base to sleep.  

By Blogger Final Historian, at Fri Apr 28, 04:12:00 PM:

Agreed. Right now a lot of the GOP base is ticked off, and aren't looking forward to voting (R) this coming election. However, Democratic "misbehavior" as spurred on by the media might be enough to prevent a loss at the polls for the GOP.  

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