Monday, January 30, 2006

Pot to kettle... 

"Al-Zawahri Calls Bush a 'Butcher' in Video"


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Jan 30, 05:05:00 PM:

Just amazing. This guy must think we are all just blind followers like his loyal minions.

What I find especially amazing is this: he wants us military families to blame Bush and Blair when his guys kill.

How's that again? Let me be sure I'm getting this right: Al Q's loyal minions are NEVER the problem. the problem is the US and Britain trying to defend themselves. "Do that and die" is what this guy is saying.

What he's not saying is "don't defend yourselves and suffer attack after attack"

I think these guys have forgotten who their audience is. this cannot have been cleared by Al q's PR department!  

By Blogger Cardinalpark, at Mon Jan 30, 06:19:00 PM:

The sound of a tyrant when not in control of anything.

The only difference between him and Ahmadinejad is power. Once they are out of power, they sound like raving, slobbering lunatics in need of counseling, prison time, sedation, etc. Once in power, they can cause great trouble.

I think it is intriguing, by the way, that when we succeeded in whacking his entire family (4 wives or something)in Afghanistan, he didn't print a tape, but whack his "brothers" and up he pops, mouthing off. what a scumbag.

The only comfort I can take is that we obviously rattled his cage. And I bet the quick turnaround on this tape might have exposed his whereabouts...  

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