Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Explosions in Iran 

Stratfor reports this morning that there have been more bombings in southwestern Iran, which is the part of the country with the highest concentration of Arabs.
Two blasts rocked the southwestern Iranian city of Ahvaz at the same time Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was scheduled to visit Jan. 24, though Ahmadinejad reportedly cancelled the visit a day earlier due to bad weather. State television said one explosive device detonated in front of a private bank, killing six people and injuring 15, while the second explosion, in front of a government natural resources office, injured nine.

Are these guys blowing stuff up entirely on their own, or is somebody helping them?


By Blogger viking kaj, at Tue Jan 24, 03:56:00 PM:

If someone helped I am guessing it was not be hezbollah.

So who does that leave?

It seems everyone in the region is taking the home study course in nitrates-based chemistry (Guano for God) so that technical assistance is barely required, could this be the most popular distance learning program on Al-Jazeerah between the third and fourth daily prayer hours?

And, if appearances do not deceive, most Palestinian organizations seem to have their hand full in Gaza and the West Bank for the time being?

Perhaps some wahabi-backed outfit with an interest in regional destabilization or just generally whacking shias?

A disgruntled sunni vet from the previous Iran-Iraq conflict sneaking over the boarder?

Or perhaps an internal party in Iran with an interest in disclaiming responsibility, but nonetheless interested in making a change to government which can't be obtained at the end of a manipulated ballot box?

But if you ask the Iranians themselves, they blame the British:


Perhaps Bond is moonlighting from MI-6 for BP again?  

By Blogger Cardinalpark, at Tue Jan 24, 04:47:00 PM:

I doubt it's self inflicted. Maybe once, but not multiple times, as they've recently experienced.

It's not a bad guess to suggest some sunni arab groups (iraqis), some wahhabi groups (saudis), or maybe some kurds.

It's about time the iranians got a taste of their own medicine. It's a sign that Iraq is getting back on its feet, too.  

By Blogger Christine, at Tue Jan 24, 05:35:00 PM:

Although help from inside, US or Britain would be fine. I would love it to find out it was Iraq.  

By Blogger viking kaj, at Tue Jan 24, 07:40:00 PM:

Sorry, I'm noticing that the web link for some reason is not working as it shoud. The website is radio free europe, radio liberty and get the news summary for 10/19/05. The item is titled "Tehran Continues to Implicate Britain in Bombings"

By the by, the rferl webiste is a great source for news on this and other similar regions.  

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