Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Chapel Hill calls for immediate surrender to al Qaeda 

Another left leaning college town tries its hand at foreign policy.

CHAPEL HILL -- The Town Council passed not one but two resolutions Monday night condemning the war in Iraq and calling for its immediate end. Council members seized the opportunity to express their unanimous disapproval of the war, which they blame for depleting resources that could go to local governments.

Council member Sally Greene added, "Local government is the first line of government. If we can't take a stand like this, I don't know who is."

UPDATE (from TigerHawk): The Iraq war is "depleting resoures that could go to local governments"? This is the first I've heard that my absurdly high property taxes are going to support our troops. Candidly, it makes me feel a whole lot happier about paying them.


By Blogger Eric C., at Tue Oct 25, 05:23:00 PM:

I am a transplant Tarheel.

I am deeply ashamed.  

By Blogger Nobrainer, at Tue Oct 25, 05:28:00 PM:

"'They think they're the Berkeley of the East Coast,' said Carrie Cote, a Chapel Hill Republican whose husband is chairman of the county GOP."

I thought Charlottesville was going for that title.

Although their rationale is impeccable, "we want more money."  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Oct 25, 06:02:00 PM:

I'm also a transplant to Chapel Hill. It's a college town, obviously, full of smug academics and self-ordained intelligencia driving Volvos and VW Vans (new) with carefully applied Kerry-Edwards and Free Tibet stickers.

It never ceases to amuse me.

The Breck Girl is there, too, teaching a course on "poverty", and building a monsterous mansion on 100 acres about 1 mile from my door. I'm pretty sure he's in Orange county (not Chapel Hill), but pulled strings like a good liberal, getting his kid in my kid's school.  

By Blogger Cassandra, at Tue Oct 25, 07:32:00 PM:

Thank you. This was my laugh of the day.  

By Blogger Dan Kauffman, at Wed Oct 26, 12:41:00 AM:

University Cities are great about symbolic gestures. Why just south of me Iowa City has an ordinance PROHIBITING the possession of Nuclear Arms within the City Limits they even have nice signs posted, required by law in the ordinance declaring Iowa city a
Nuclear Free Zone,
To Make a Safer World

And it must be working, so far as I know, NO Nuclear Armaments have ever beed detected there.

Only one problem, someone keeps stealing the signs and they are not cheap. ;-)  

By Blogger Charlottesvillain, at Wed Oct 26, 08:59:00 AM:

DK, you would think from some of the hysterical message board rants that Steve Alford was in violation of that Iowa City statute.  

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