Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Reuters finally gets a caption right 

The Reuters caption:
Police carry Cindy Sheehan, the California woman who has used her son's death in Iraq to spur the anti-war movement, as she is arrested during a demonstration outside the White House, Monday, Sept. 26, 2005 in Washington.



By Blogger CJB, at Tue Sep 27, 10:06:00 AM:

The silly grin on her face makes me want to spit! She is insulting her son's sacrifice. No wonder her husband divorced her and the rest of her family denounced her protest. She is a sick narcissistic disgrace.  

By Blogger Hype, at Tue Sep 27, 01:03:00 PM:

It is sad. It is sad to see how you people treat other people. We are human. That is the point! We all our beautiful in our own way as much as we are ugly. Some peoples children were raised by ignorant philostines.


By Anonymous Doug in Colorado, at Wed Sep 28, 06:26:00 PM:

I'm reluctant to point it out, but the burly cop with his hand up under her skirt on her thigh, and she's got her hand up his shirt sleeve...and that fatuous grin...copping a feel, feeling a cop, all for the sake of Peace....what a combination. This photo should win a Pullet-Sur-prize.

I know left-wing pornography when I see it.  

By Anonymous Doug in Colorado, at Wed Sep 28, 06:27:00 PM:

HYPE, how can you call it sad when Cindi is clearly having so much fun?

Cindi does DC.  

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