Saturday, August 06, 2005

Lambda rising 

I'm in.

CWCID: Cassandra (who thinks Roberts is cute, even if gay), KJ and spd rdr have too much time on their hands. If that weren't obvious already.

Cassandra, by the way, is exploring the apparently profound gayness of the entire Bush administration.

That Roberts pitched in on pro bono litigation in order to expand the sphere into which government may not encroach is only a good and reassuring thing. Indeed, in my own brief flirtation with pro bono litigation back in the day (before it became obvious that I was unqualified to litigate), I sued the University of Illinois for discriminating against legal immigrants. I'm fairly sure that were that case to surface in my own confirmation hearings it would outrage many of today's conservatives as well. They would be wrong. (The University folded like a badly built house of cards, by the way.)


By Blogger Cassandra, at Sat Aug 06, 01:01:00 PM:


Gotcha. :)  

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