Thursday, February 24, 2005

What were Kurt Gödel and Albert Einstein talking about? 

A decade after arriving in Princeton, Einstein acquired a walking companion, a much younger man who, next to the rumpled Einstein, cut a dapper figure in a white linen suit and matching fedora. The two would talk animatedly in German on their morning amble to the institute and again, later in the day, on their way homeward. The man in the suit may not have been recognized by many townspeople, but Einstein addressed him as a peer, someone who, like him, had single-handedly launched a conceptual revolution. If Einstein had upended our everyday notions about the physical world with his theory of relativity, the younger man, Kurt Gödel, had had a similarly subversive effect on our understanding of the abstract world of mathematics.

If, like me, you dodged skipped physics in your formal schooling, this short article from The New Yorker may be your last, best chance to underestand Albert Einstein's contributions to our understanding of the universe, all quite disguised as the story of a remarkable and enduring friendship. Link it, bookmark it, and read it in a quiet moment with a glass of wine.


By Blogger Rick, at Sat Feb 26, 02:58:00 PM:

Wow...truly nice piece thanks for pointing that one out!  

By Blogger Martin, at Thu Mar 03, 03:37:00 AM:

thx for your comment, I read it while I'm breakfasting. maybe my words toward tigerhawks world view are too harsh, but I like different opinions. they help me over my prejudices ;)  

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