Thursday, November 18, 2004

Barton's Crossing 

Betcha didn't know that a TigerHawk cousin, Clifford Hart, is a playwright. The talent runs deep in our family.

On Saturday night last, we went into New York to see his latest work, Barton's Crossing, at the Cherry Lane Theater in the West Village. It is a funny and stressful play about a group of friends that come to terms with the compromises they have made in their lives. The center of the story is a playwright (say it ain't so!) who had written an idealistic and well-reviewed play years before, but had since given it up to live an apparently conventional, rigid life in Miller's Crossing, an affluent Stepfordesque suburb in suburban New York (think Westchester or Connecticut). His old friends from back in the day come out to visit Barton and his wife, and the contradictions in their lives begin to unravel. Suffice it to say that I laughed hard and suffered the rising of my hackles from stress all at once, watching these friends struggle with their feelings about the choices they have made.

If you live in the New York area and are looking for a good play this weekend, you should check it out. Tickets are available here.


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