Sunday, October 31, 2004

Puyallup bans Halloween costumes from its schools 

Because, get this, they are disrespectful of witches.
Assistant Superintendent Tony Apostle advised Puyallup principals in a memo last week that Halloween costumes and parties are now banned. Pumpkins and cornstalks are fine, he said, but witches, black cats or "similar decorations that are intended to frighten or scare individuals" are not.

Halloween is a religious holiday for Wiccans, the memo noted, and its celebration in mainstream culture has generated unsavory images that might offend real-life witches.

That sort of makes sense -- we can't really piss off witches now that we can't burn them at the stake -- but doesn't our national fetish for consistency demand that we ban actual living children from school because they might make zombies feel badly about being undead? TigerHawk demands to know who is looking out for the zombies! And what about vampires? Shouldn't all school be conducted after sundown so that we can make sure that little vampire children feel welcome? True, we've carefully avoided the risk that they might see a cross at school, but what about sunlight? I mean, there isn't a lot of that in Puyallup, but I think they get all burned and stuff even if it's coming through the clouds.



By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Nov 01, 01:30:00 PM:

Crusader has a very politically correct, one piece "Scooby Doo" outfit that has become a big hit in my circle. If you'd like to borrow it for Halloween '05, just give me a shout. You too will find that it's fun to be a dawg for a day!

- Crusader  

By Blogger kalisekj, at Tue Oct 04, 12:46:00 AM:

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