Sunday, October 17, 2004

New Jersey on the bubble 

Bruce notwithstanding, the race for New Jersey's 15 electoral votes is very close, and the Bush campaign has scheduled at least one rally here. How could such a navy blue state -- which went for Al Gore by 16 points -- be on the bubble? Well, there is the corrupt incompetence of the McGreevey administration, and the wretched sleaziness of his famous delayed resignation. And then there is our proximity to Pennsylvania, which means that we get a lot of Swift Boat advertising leaking over the Delaware from that battleground state. And finally there's this:
Nearly 700 New Jersey people died in the attack, after New York the highest toll paid by any state from Sept. 11, 2001. New Jerseyans' lingering angst - state polls indicate Sept. 11 is a major factor in the presidential race - is the main reason Bush and Democratic Sen. John Kerry are in a tight race for the 15 electoral votes from the state that last voted for a Republican presidential candidate in 1988.

I don't know anybody who didn't know somebody.


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