Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Even when the Times gets it right, it gets it wrong 

The New York Times is running a very sensible editorial this morning, calling for Jim McGreevey to resign (which he has not actually done yet) before September 3, so that New Jersey can hold a special election for governor rather than being saddled with this guy for more than a year. Amazingly, I found nothing to disagree with in the editorial.

Except the headline: "N.J. Voters in a Pickle." You gotta be kidding me. We're "in a pickle"? How about getting a little oomph behind that there headline: "Let New Jersey vote" for example. Or "Resign now". New Jersey voters are in an almost constant pickle owing to the incredible structural inefficiencies in our government, and our political culture of mutual backscratching. But it will be worse than being in a pickle if we have to endure the same man as acting governor and president of the State Senate for more than a year.


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