Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Tigers and Hawks fair differently vs. Gophers 

The Minnesota Golden Gophers held off Princeton on Saturday, winning at home 57-53. This was the fifth narrow defeat for Princeton this season against non-Ivy opponents, and very disappointing for TigerHawk. Fortunately, I protected myself against the psychic pain by going to see The Last Samurai with number one son, and only heard the last 30 seconds or so of the game on Princeton's own WPRB radio. Meanwhile, Iowa was busily embarrassing itself against Northwestern in Iowa City, so Saturday was not a good day by any measure. You begin the Big Ten season by losing your home game vs. the 'Cats, you have to figure that the road ahead is a long one.

As it happens, Minnesota's next game was against the Hawkeyes this evening, so I fortified myself with meatballs, a pinch of spaghetti (TigerHawk watches the carbs, though is by no means a diet wierdo), and wine, settled in to watch the game. The Hawkeyes trounced the bucktoothed weasels from the North Country, 83-68.

Obscure sports thought for the day: I wonder if it is the first time that Princeton and Iowa have played the same team consecutively?


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