Saturday, November 17, 2012

Retired, but not farewell 

As most regular readers know, this blog, which is just shy of its ninth birthday, is fundamentally retired. There are many reasons for this, including that my interests have changed, blogging has changed, our political discourse has changed, my family has changed, and even my job has changed. These considerations all militate against a general interest blog.

Your loyal readership and, in countless cases, actual friendship, has meant a great deal to me. Ultimately, my greatest joy, even in this blog's glory days, was the community. (Yeah, I know that makes me sound like a crunchy-greenie-lefty, but there you have it.)

However, I have a new blog project. It is not open-ended in the fashion of TigerHawk, but rather a celebration and defense of enterprise. To wit, a mission!

This blog is a celebration of enterprise, primarily business but also non-profit, artistic, and humanistic. We love the people who do things to make the world better. We also defend enterprise, and particularly commercial enterprise, from those who attack it, including from within.

This blog will be more linky than thinky most days, since Defending Enterprise is a very busy fellow. Expect us to chronicle attacks on enterprise, whether from government or NGOs or statist multinational corporations or “public intellectuals.” We will also champion the stories of people who inspire us with their enterprise — the great businesses, innovative non-profits, and inventors who exercise their creativity by making us all so much more prosperous.

In short, if you love and yet are worried about the great American spirit of enterprise, this is the blog for you.

I hope we stay friends.

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