Wednesday, May 02, 2012

What sea ice anomaly? 

In what will be comforting news for those of you worried that the warm winter in the United States reflects anthropogenic global warming (and discomforting news for those of you who worry that we are all just complacently burning fuel to our doom), the area of the planet covered by sea ice is again over the mean for the satellite era, defined as 1979-2008:


Even the Arctic sea ice is essentially at the mean.

Put that in your grill and smoke it.


By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Wed May 02, 08:05:00 PM:

Sea ice is increasing at an unprecedented rate! We're doomed!

Just trying to get ahead of the curve, here.  

By Blogger james, at Wed May 02, 10:26:00 PM:

To be fair, a rolling mean would show up low for the past few years, and this isn't a significant change from that.

But to be even more fair, we've no idea what the long term variation of the rolling mean is. 40 years is not much of a baseline.  

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