Sunday, September 04, 2011

Tabs of my weekend 

I've piled up a bunch of open tabs, each one more exciting than the other. With commentary.

Yet another Gitmo alumnus buys the farm in Afghanistan. They certainly were not all innocent bystanders. Day was when you could count on a released POW to honor his pledge not to return to the fight. See, e.g., Appomattox. These Islamist boys must have kept their fingers crossed.

The Democrats reach out to the "citizens of NASCAR," a bit too late.

Obama to Texas: Sweat in the dark.

"Infoporn": The differences between PC and Mac users, charted and graphed. Lot o' meaningless but amusing factoids.

The HuffPo turns: Barack Obama's "close ties to CEO whose firms dodge taxes." Not so keen on the use of the word "dodge" -- it sounds, well, dodgy -- but the point is well-taken. And these dudes are giving the president bad advice, too. As I have written many times, President Obama will not get the right counsel if he listens to the CEOs of the biggest multinationals, American or otherwise. Their duties -- not their loyalty, perhaps, but their duties -- are to their stockholders through their board, so they are going to advocate policies that benefit their companies, not the country. Among other things, multinationals have the infrastructure and administrative overhead to manage through complex regulations, and regard many new regulations as an opportunities to raise barriers of entry against smaller companies without that overhead.

This seems like excellent, even if obvious, advice.

More later.


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