Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Your evening Governor Awesome video: Regarding school superintendents 

New Jersey's Governor Awesome speaking at the Foundation for Excellence in Education dinner, yesterday:

More than a year after his election, I enjoy Chris Christie more than I have ever enjoyed an American politician. That surprises me, because as a prosecutor he went after my own industry with hammer and tongs, and you know how I get about that. But boy am I glad he is our governor.


By Blogger jjm, at Thu Dec 02, 09:36:00 AM:

This is great! I wish he would include presidents of public colleges and universities also!

By Anonymous Old Fan, at Thu Dec 02, 01:10:00 PM:


Did you see he cut the funding to the public tv version of NJN?

Christie is a hero in so many ways. He seems to avoid the partisan debasing the Democrats often use to defeat their enemies (at least until now).

No one is perfect, perhaps his luck will slow, but he should be given all the acclaim for these two years.

Apparently he won a blogger award - see the mighty Surber:
"Conservative bloggers’ man of the year is…"

However, I encountered a number of reports via ABC, CBS, etc., on the radio this morning - which are playing the game thick, portraying the Republicans in the worst light, especially with DADT. It is stunning, but expected to see the Democratic Partisan narrative to be expanded, trying to debase Republicans already after such an historic election. It is utter nonsense - especially the way they are trying to portray the impending TAX INCREASES.

We shall see, but the MSM remains influential, and one can hope this unethical slant does not win the day.  

By Anonymous QuakerCat, at Thu Dec 02, 04:29:00 PM:

One of my chief complaints about Republicans in public office is that very few of them do a good job of explaining in a non-partisan way why something needs to be fixed. Chris Christie does a tremendous job indicting those who are deserving without casting broader despersions. I think guys like Paul Ryan try to keep the stones out of arguments and stays with the facts, but in general not enough thought is put into messages that are typically harder to sell than a typical Liberal which is "I will give you more free shit..."

Case in point, I had a long discussion with my reflexively liberal sister-in-law about the movie "Waiting for Superman." In our discussion, she did not know that conservatives have been barking about this topic since Bill Bennett was Ronald Regan's Sec. of Education. She was even more miffed when I told her that this entire topic is solely in the hands of Democrats to fix. There is not a Conservative in Washington who has not tried to systematically wrestle control of our children's education away from the teacher's unions. Moreover, she was equally miffed when informed that the reason why the Dems wont do anything legislatively is that the Teachers Unions are the third largest contributors to Democratic candidates to keep the status quo. My last dig to her was to say, "I thought above all else, every liberal believes that we need to care and fight for the least among us. May I ask how is that being served today by the Teachers Unions and the American school systems in the inner cities where the children need it the most?"

Needless to say, there is a better way to communicate that identifies the predators and the victims. Christie brings sanity back to the arguments and breaks them down to a level that the average Joe can believe.  

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