Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Why are you protesting against Israel?" 

I'm sure that posting this makes me a Likudnick shill...


By Blogger Dawnfire82, at Thu Dec 30, 09:24:00 PM:

I've had similar conversations, many times. It's equal parts disgusting and depressing how many lies, half-truths, and misrepresentations are passed about on the Left as received wisdom about Israel and Palestine.  

By Blogger The Conservative Wahoo, at Fri Dec 31, 10:44:00 AM:

Someday I will understand the loyalty of the American Jewish community to liberal and Democratic causes.  

By Blogger Carolyn, at Fri Dec 31, 12:15:00 PM:

Zombie tries to understand Queers for Palestine. The only reasonable(?) explanation I can think of is that this group is allied with the anti-capitalist anarchists. Maybe they think that once they take over the West, peace with (or a takeover of) the Islamic world will be easy.  

By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Sat Jan 01, 07:53:00 PM:

It is not about Palestinians. It is about discrediting the right in America so that more left-leaning tribes can have power here.

Conservative politicians can also be found taking this cynical attitude, but it is wine-and-wafer on the left. Foreign events, and to a lesser extent, events in flyover country, are merely counters in the board game of Washington power. Therefore, we should not expect that any rules of principle or consistency need apply.  

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