Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Morning Scottish Pirate Metal 

Alestorm -- Wenches and Mead

A friend at Landmark College showed me this band, and they are cool/hilarious enough to share. I think the video is only slightly broken, in that it's 3 minutes shorter than the video shows.


By Anonymous Malcolm Hays, at Wed Jul 14, 01:06:00 PM:

As it happens, I work at a small midwestern university. I have a couple of college students who work for me who also work as DJs for the local college radio station. They are big fans of Alestorm.

I went to lunch with one of the students today and we listened to the CD that contains the song you linked to on the way to and from lunch.

Apparently Alestorm belong to the genre known as "Pirate Metal". There are a surprising number of subgenres of metal music, most of which I've never heard of. If you are seriously interested in learning more about music, then I highly recommend getting in touch with local college DJs. They will expose you to all kinds of music you never even imagine existed. Tigerhawk senior might not entirely approve, though he seems pretty cool. ;)  

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