Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday night parody video: Can it get more wrong than this? 

Somehow, I just know it is stupid of me to post this....


By Anonymous Mr. Ed, at Fri Jun 11, 07:13:00 PM:

CC'll be here soon.

Gotta run, have a great weekend.


By Blogger TigerHawk, at Fri Jun 11, 07:15:00 PM:

Actually, I swiped it from CC's Facebook scroll... So he will be in a tough position to complain.  

By Anonymous billy Bob Corncob, at Fri Jun 11, 09:47:00 PM:

not really funny.  

By Blogger JPMcT, at Sat Jun 12, 10:39:00 AM:

I sent it to my daughter. She said she would run faster if it were Mexicans.  

By Blogger Progressively Defensive, at Sat Jun 12, 11:53:00 AM:

Yeah, not that funny although fair game by way of satire.

This is along the same lines, but not racial satire per se, more a great send-up of the assertive male, whatever ethnicity, in inaapropriate situations.


A woman blogger who is really hot and cool posted it and found it hilarious - she must encounter it all day, every day.  

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