Thursday, June 03, 2010

Cubble o' links 

Warning, the links in this post really have no relationship other than that they both came to me via Facebook friends.

Rethinking the inflation/deflation debate. I'm in the deflation now, inflation later camp. You know, we'll inflate away the debt only after we've written it all off.

A curious problem: A high-testosterone corner of Citibank allegedly fires a woman because she is "too hot" and refuses to dress demurely, probably because it is worried that its masters of the universe will ogle her to excess and thereby raise the hostility coefficient in the environment. Not expecting us to go on trust, the linked story helpfully supplies pictures, a sample of which appears below:

Fired for excessive hotness

You really need to see the whole slideshow in order to get a good sense of the issues.


By Blogger Assistant Village Idiot, at Thu Jun 03, 09:04:00 PM:

I'd like to hear Citibank's side of it.

Too hot? The people around her need to adjust. Too revealing? She needs to adjust.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Jun 03, 09:13:00 PM:

Hubba hubba. The news clip of this story over at The Daily Caller features a shot of Ms. Lorenzana's...um....nippular region (about 30 seconds in).

Just putting it out there.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Jun 03, 10:04:00 PM:

She is hot. Well, my type as well.

So we had this case (litigation) and a fact of relevance in the case (don't ask) was whether a boss was stupping his Assistant (=secretary). Before the deposition, we had not met the Assistant, so we're wondering whether we are getting Aunt Bea or, um, Ms. Citibank.

So who shows up, but Ms. Citibank - though a few years older - but in a nano-second many questions were answered. But Ms. Citibank (or rather her equivalent) did not understand that she should dress demurely, given that a fact of relevance was whether she and her boss were f**king. We were surprised.

Another story: at a prior place of employment, we had a Ms. Citibank, but no one complained.

Eventually, one of the female attorneys got her fired because her performance was substandard. But she was great for office morale...!  

By Anonymous Billy Bob Corncob, at Thu Jun 03, 10:20:00 PM:

Please. please. please. No more tempting pictures.

This distracted me for an hour this evening. Have mercy.  

By Anonymous Mr. Ed, at Thu Jun 03, 10:46:00 PM:

Really liberated boys and girls do not insist that women be de-feminized when they'd rather not be.


By Anonymous Mr. Ed, at Fri Jun 04, 12:11:00 AM:

Sorry for the second post, but in the process of removing my palm from the deep impression left on my forehead, I thought more needed to be said.

You may have noticed the creepy and creeping influence of Sharia mores in not just western Europe, but also the US. So the draw Mohammed day initially met with cheers was smothered with various forms of political correctness including self censorship. Or how about how about the Obama administration banning certain words like jihad, or terrorism, or islamic extremism? Or how about the notion that we should show tolerance toward practices like female genital mutilation, as recently endorsed by the American Association of Pediatrics (now reversed)?

The moral value we are being asked to accept is: women if they are allowed to enjoy love making, if they are allowed to express their individuality, are a serious threat to the virtue and integrity of men, and a danger to the general welfare.

Is that not what is happening with Ms. Citibank, if her claim is true?

The real threat here is the corrosive effect of sacrificing important values of our culture, like liberty, freedom of religion and expression, to make nice to a culture that ultimately see our existence as a matter for extermination with extreme prejudice at the earliest opportunity.


By Blogger Bomber Girl, at Fri Jun 04, 06:34:00 AM:

I would say Ms. Citibank makes a stronger case for inflation than deflation.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Jun 04, 02:45:00 PM:

Funny. I walked into my bank last week and the teller, a lovely twentysomething young lady with a few tats, was wearing a shirt that was similarly revealing. Counting money required her to lean forward such that she was thrusting her cleavage right in my face. I felt like I should tip her a few bucks for the show.

After they peeled me away from the bank counter I came home and recounted the experience to my wife of 20+ years. We concluded it is a generational thing--these are the girls who grew up watching Brittany Speers. Twentysomethings just don't see anything inappropriate about dressing for work like you would dress for a night out at the bar.

Separately, we are consistently amazed at the revealing pictures young ladies post of themselves on Facebook. These kids are so comfortable revealing themselves online that in about 5-10 years I think we will see an epidemic of amateur online sex videos. Which is great because this is just in time for me to enter the "dirty old man" phase of life.  

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