Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yet another reason why government should not run stuff 

If the government of New York State cannot run a gambling monopoly profitably, is there any non-core sovereign function that it can do well?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Mar 28, 12:46:00 AM:

See, this is racism. The State has been able to employ many blacks at the OTB and now it wants to punish them for their connections with the mob and the NYC dem machine. That's not right! Where are Rangel, where are Paterson and the other "honest" NYC politicians.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Mar 28, 10:20:00 PM:

This pretty much captures my conclusions about our ongoing social experiment.

"Let me ask you Democrats something. When — in all of recorded human history — has this kind of central planning, with price controls, arbitrary dictates, wage-fixing, giveaways, bribes, payoffs, cutout deals, and social engineering experiments, ever worked?"

There is nothing worse than people trying to "do good". It disgusts me that so many innocents will be forced to pay the bill for yet another failure of central planning. Casinos, or hospitals-- in each instance, a stupid idea to put management of the enterprise under the control of government.  

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