Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where the jobs are, and are not 

Paul Kedrosky built up a nice chart of the ratio of unemployed people per job listing, with the sucking chest wound that is Detroit on the right side of the graph. Kedrosky headlined the Detroit number in his post, but take a look at the robust employment market in our nation's capital. Relevant TigerHawk poll question below.

Unemployment per job listing, by city

Looking at the ratios of unemployed to job listings in each of Detroit or Washington, which number concerns you more?
Detroit's: The Motor City was once the heartbeat of America, and its collapse is a national tragedy.
Washington's: Every job you add in Washington kills at least one other somewhere else in America.
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Release the hounds.


By Blogger A Conservative Teacher, at Sun Nov 15, 11:36:00 AM:

Every job you add in Washington kills more than one other job- it takes a lot of tax money to employ all the middle and upper level management necessary to give tax money away to a group that didn't earn it. If you want a job today, the best bet is to become a lobbyist- now that the Democrat's are in charge, it's a wild giveaway of tax money!  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sun Nov 15, 05:04:00 PM:

The Obama administration and it's handmaidens in Congress have failed the challenge of aiding the economy, and however obvious the consequence of their actions is to those of us not in DC, they just do not understand the blatant destruction wreaked by the reality of high taxes and the threat of higher taxes to come.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Nov 16, 01:11:00 PM:

A possible contrary fact is that Sacramento, California is right up there with Detroit.

Sacramento is the capital of California and is mostly state jobs.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Nov 16, 01:25:00 PM:

But unlike the employer in DC, the one in Sacramento does not print the money it uses to pay its employees.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Nov 16, 01:35:00 PM:

In our new America, new jobs don't just originate from the government, but it has become frowned upon to volunteer time in your community lest SEIU or AFSCME employees feel competition.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Nov 16, 04:01:00 PM:

That article is unbelievable. Public employee unions should be illegal.

"Nick Balzano, president of the local Service Employees International Union, told Allentown City Council Tuesday that the union is considering filing a grievance against the city for allowing Anderson to clear a 1,000-foot walking and biking path at Kimmets Lock Park.

Balzano said Saturday he isn't targeting Boy Scouts. But given the city's decision in July to lay off 39 SEIU members, Balzano said "there's to be no volunteers." No one except union members may pick up a hoe or shovel, plant a flower or clear a walking path."  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Nov 24, 10:41:00 PM:

I live on the far right hand side of the chart.

By Blogger Kirk, at Wed Nov 25, 10:21:00 AM:

Some of you people are clueless. Yes, there are a lot of gov't employees in DC, but DC is way more than that. So many organizations have national HQs here and even more are moving here (if only to be closer to the seat of govt). The median income is the highest in the nation.  

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Nov 25, 05:53:00 PM:

But K. is that really a good thing?  

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